Hey i'm Lexi! This is my personal blog. I run a Sonic blog called Coolblueandsmiles. *heh puns*
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I'm working on all of my tags. So, yeah... I'm organizing my blog. 3 years in. Not to mention sorting through my likes as well. Which adds up to be around 8,00-10,000 posts.
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this vine is too real

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Anyone know where I can read the latest Pandora Hearts chapter translated? 


JSRF valentines for that special someone in your gang (or a rival one maybe)!! flame-lizy was my pun advisor and the renders are from silentlaws/mordotron.


Jet Set Radio Future - Sky Dinosaurian Square

Come along, children
Now we’re gonna have a little music
Like old times
Like old times
Look now i’ll start the melody on the organ



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  • Elizabeth: You......you killed them! I can't believe you did that!
  • Me as Booker: (stifling laugh) I didn't Dewitt

Spoilers be lurking