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Sonic looking pretty damn fierce in his werehog form.

I find it quite an appealing design, it looks quite fierce and feral , but not too scary-looking to be unfitting Sonic form, the exaggerated physique and great fluffiness take care of that.

While the inspiration from lycanthropy is obvious, the werehog form takes traits from Dark Gaia creatures first and foremost, particularly nightmares, sharing top-heavy body structure as well as strength and stretch-related powers.

More superficial wolf-ish traits help retain Sonic’s mammalian appearance while making him look fiercer, instead of the nightmare’s fish-like jaws and smooth glowing skin.

I love the detail in Night of the werehog. On the last photo,you can see the veins in his eye. 

I was not expecting veins in his eyes. And chip….



Oz gets the 22th volume cover, what a surprise.

So, other than echo and zwei, Oz is technically the first person to have two volumes (regular editions) right? (4/17/2014)

Comparing the first volume to this cover shows how much he’s changed.

On the first he is wearing his ceremony cloak over his left shoulder and is carrying his pocket watch. He is wearing his first default outfit that he wears for most of the series. There is one set of chains wrapped around his left arm while broken at the end. In the background is the pocket watch as to him, was the first clue to the whole mystery surrounding lacie’s grave.

 On the twenty-second his eyes have changed to red, his original eye color. There are many chains around which is in his own control (as he has the ability to summon chains,even the ones holding the world), he is now wearing the baskerville cloak and his watch is in his pocket while he is swinging his scythe. He is wearing his 2nd default outfit  that he appears to be going to wear for the rest of pandora hearts. And in the background is the truth to himself, his original form as a doll.

The difference in cloaks represents his set goal:1.Ceremony- Become of age, then eventually become head of the Vessalius Dukedom.

2.Baskerville: Stop Glen from changing the past, in order for him to save himself and both Alices’ existence.

The difference in the chains represents his power in the world:

1. One chain wrapped around his left arm, coming from the bottom right corner as if to drag him down in the abyss, at this point he had no control over the abyss or chains. (why it’s broken, I can’t say. Someone else will have to add to this)

2. The chains are everywhere, all over the place, and as far as I can tell, none are attached to Oz. Hence that he is the one in control of the chains, and possibly the fate of the world and abyss. (Can’t write much more because I need a bigger/better quality picture of volume 22, sorry)

The difference in the position of the pocket watch:

1. In his hand, he clung to it for answers, as it was a solid connection to Lacie’s grave and Jack Vessalius. It would later show that there was a connection of the melody to Leo and Elliot (mostly Leo). And to the mysterious version of Alice that tried to kill him.

2. The pocket watch is stored in his pocket as he now has the answers he sought out for. He may be keeping it as it serves as a memorial to Lacie, whom he is grateful for giving him the chance to exist. And possibly giving him to the Alices. 

Difference in eye color:

1. Green, Jack’s eye color, as he has no idea that the body he holds is acutally Jack’s. Unaware of that Jack has the upper hand at this point. And unaware of his true self. (basically living a lie)

2. Red, Oz’s true eye color. Shows that he is now in control of the body and has the upper hand over Jack. Also displays his identity as the B-Rabbit. 

The difference in the background image:

1. Pocket Watch- Mystery

2. Doll form of himself- Truth

(To be brief)

I suppose I could write about his different outfits, but I don’t really see much significance other that his second outfit is darker…

This is all my own speculation. So I may be wrong but I just felt like sharing my thoughts of the new cover. Anyone feel free to add to it. (yeah, I wrote a lot) It may not have be necessary either.


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